Our Business Partnerships

Miyamoto International Turkey

Miyamoto International founded in Sacramento, California, US, in 1956, is a global earthquake +  engineering firm providing services around the World with offices in US, Europe and Asia. Miyamoto International Turkey was founded in Istanbul in 2008 as a joint partnership of Fuji Engineering and Miyamoto International.

Website: www.miyamotointernational.com


IMV Corporation

IMV Corporation founded in Osaka, Japan in 1957 is a manufacturer engineering firm operating globally. The firm is specialized in dynamic simulation, test and measurement systems. Fuji Engineering is IMV’s Turkey main representative and solution partner for the related products of earthquake response and monitoring systems.

Website: www.imv.co.jp


Taylor Devices

Operating since 1955 founded in North Tonawanda-New York, U.S., Taylor Devices is the leading manufacturer in the shock and vibration control field. The products include Shock Absorbers, Liquid Springs, Shock Isolation Systems, Seismic Isolators, Vibration Dampers, Powerplant Snubbers, and other types of Hydro-Mechanical Energy Management Products. Fuji Engineering is Turkey and regional representative of Taylor Devices for all kinds of products as a solution partner.

Website: www.taylordevices.com


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