Tall and Green: The Rise of Green Developments in Turkey, 17 Ocak 2018

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CTBUH Türkiye açılış davetini Hilton İstanbul'da gerçekleştirmekten heyecan duymaktadır. Tall & Green teması üzerine kurulu olan bu etkinlik, bölgedeki yüksek binalara uygulanan yeşil stratejilerin yanı sıra Türkiye'de gerçekleştirilen mevcut projeler ile gelecekte yapılması planlanan projeleri de kapsıyor. Açılış konuşmasının ardından üç konuşmacı içeren iki oturum takip edecektir. Her oturum bir yönetici tarafından yönetilecek ve konuşmacılar uluslararası mimarlar, mühendisler, danışmanlar ve üniversite profesörlerinden oluşacaktır.

Program Konuşmacıları

CTBUH Chairman & Treasurer, Partner, alinea Consulting

Steve Watts, Cost Consultant, is a Partner at London-based alinea Consulting. He is an authority on the economics of tall buildings, having spent a professional career that is full of high-profile towers, including the HSBC headquarters at Canary Wharf, The Leadenhall Building, The Shard and currently 22 Bishopsgate - as well as a number of international projects.

Steve is a longstanding active contributor to the Council and has written and presented numerous papers on the commercial aspects of tall buildings and their impact on cities. His advocacy of research together with his impressive experience means that he is always looking to marry the two and promote best practices on live projects..

CTBUH Trustee, President & CEO, Turner International

Abrar Sheriff has been president and CEO of Turner International LLC, the overseas division of Turner Construction Company, since 2013. Prior to joining International as its chief operating officer in 2011, Abrar was a vice president and general manager for Turner in Texas, a role he assumed after advancing through various positions within the company since joining in 1997. As president and CEO, Abrar is responsible for all of Turner’s operations outside the United States and Canada, including focused regional operations in Southeast Asia, Europe, India, and Latin America. Throughout the years, Turner has managed many notable tall building projects throughout the world, including the Burj Khalifa, Taipei 101, and the Makkah Royal Clock

Tower. Abrar currently oversees a project portfolio that includes the KL 118 Tower in Malaysia, VietinBank Tower in Vietnam, and the Statue of Unity in India, amongst others.

Abrar serves on the Board of Trustees for the CTBUH, and he is honored to represent general contractors and construction management firms at such a prestigious and influential level within the Council. Prior to joining the board, Abrar served on the 2015 CTBUH Awards Jury, and was an active participant in Council activities throughout the year.

Abrar has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Bangalore University, and a master’s degree in architectural engineering from the University of Kansas..

Co-Founder and Chairman, Re-pie Real Estate Fund

Dr. Camlibel is Co-Founder and currently chairman of Re-Pie, which is the first Capital Markets Authority (CMA) licensed and regulated real estate fund management firm established in Turkey.

Prior to Re-Pie, Dr. Camlibel was at Soyak Holding for 20 years, as the CEO of the Holding company in the last 8 years and at different managerial positions before that. He worked in the USA for 5 years before that. He has actively taken part in many leading NGOs, mostly real estate sector related. Also served as independent board member for several international companies (Russia, Italy and USA). He currently holds board member positions in several companies in the USA. He also is a shareholder and technical advisor in several energy and real estate related engineering and design consultancy firms.

His PhD is on optimization modelling of energy efficiency investments in buildings and he has been lecturing at Bogazici University and several other universities in Turkey as a part time instructor since 2008. He has also given many lectures at MIT, Columbia, Berkeley, ETH, Oxford and UTSA as a guest lecturer..

LEED AP, BREEAM Assessor, IFC Edge Auditor, PMP Co-Founder, Altensis

After graduating from Bogazici University Civil Engineering Department in 2001, he completed Master of Science program in Engineering Management in USA. In 2014 he had a B.A. degree in Economics from Istanbul University. Emre is currently working on his Ph.D. Dissertation and he is a part-time faculty in Istanbul Technical University, Department of Architecture-Construction Sciences program. During his studies in USA and Turkey, he had several courses in Green Design, Integrated process management and Sustainable Construction Materials. After his Graduate studies, he worked as an engineer for different projects in construction sector in USA. Upon his return back to Turkey, he worked for various local and international firms as a Site Engineer, Technical Office Engineer and Senior Engineer.

In 2008, he founded Altensis, the leading company in Turkey, specialized in Sustainability Management and Engineering services. Since then Altensis has been providing consultancy and project management services for Green Building Certification, Sustainable Urban Regeneration, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy applications in Buildings. By the end of 2017, He and his team completed more than 100 Green Building Projects in several countries.

He is also the Education Coordinator of Altensis, developing Green Building and Energy Efficiency Expert Training programs for interested parties. Mr. Ilicali is a LEED AP, LEED for Homes Green Rater, BREEAM International Assessor, and IFC Edge Auditor. He is also a SPK licensed Real Estate Appraiser..

Co-Founder, ERKE

Cemil Yaman graduated from Istanbul Technical University in 1992 as an Electrical Engineer. Afterwards he took his master degree in the field of Electronics and Communications.

He worked as an Energy and Maintenance Manager and Director of Construction Investments in Siemens for 10 years. At the same time he took in charge as a Construction Project Manager and responsible for the first candidate LEED certification building in Turkey.

On September-2010 he joined ERKE as co-founder. He is in charge of sustainability department in the company. He works with prominent developers, contractors and decision makers to help them make better decisions and deliver sustainable success they desire.

Cemil Yaman who has LEED Faculty title, has also LEED AP and BREEAM Assessor. He consulted nearly 100 project to make them green. Cemil Yaman conveys his experiences with green building trainings in the unique sample building called ERKE Green Academy which has LEED Platinium certification. 

Partner, HAS Architects

Ayse Hasol Erktin is a partner at HAS Architects Ltd., one of the leading design firms in Turkey. She has been with HAS for more than twenty years where she has designed and coordinated the design process of various housing, office, healthcare and hospitality projects, including the Swissotel Grand Efes, Crystal Tower and Anadolu Health Center, all of which were designed in coordination with a global team of specialists. Under her leadership, HAS formed project based associations with Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, Inc. (SOM), REES Associates, Inc., NBBJ, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners and Llewelyn Davies Yeang. A graduate of Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Ayse Hasol Erktin received her MBA from Bogazici University and BS in Architecture from Istanbul Technical University.

Ayse Hasol Erktin served as the Chairperson of ULI (Urban Land Institute) Turkey Executive Committee during 2015-2017. She was a board member at Istanbul Professional Architects Association between 2012 and 2014, and at the Turkish Green Building Association between 2011 and 2013, and served as the president of Istanbul Project Management Association (PMI, Istanbul Potential Chapter) in 2000-2001, and the vice president of Harvard Alumni Club of Turkey between 1997 and 2002. She is a BREEAM Assessor and an EDAC Accredited Individual. Erktin’s writing and speaking focus on the management of creativity and value of design..

Associate Dean of Engineering, Boğaziçi University

Kutay Orakçal serves as the Associate Dean of the School Engineering at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey. Upon completing his graduate studies at the University of California, Kutay has led a career as a faculty member within the Department of Civil Engineering at Boğaziçi. His research interests lie in the field of structural and earthquake engineering, with emphasis on response assessment for structural systems under earthquake actions, through analytical modeling, lab experiments, and field testing.

Kutay works actively on development of modeling and analysis methods for simulating the seismic response characteristics of reinforced concrete structures, to be used within the framework of performance-based seismic

design. To date, he has contributed to development of i) a macroscopic fiber model to represent the nonlinear flexural response of structural walls, ii) a bond-slip model to characterize the response of columns and walls with lap splices, iii) various fiber-based shear-flexure interaction model formulations to capture coupled nonlinear shear and flexural responses in walls, columns, and coupling beams, iv) a generalized reinforced concrete panel element formulation to be used as a constitutive element in modeling of reinforced concrete members, and v) a finite element modeling approach to simulate the behavior of structural walls with various configurations and response characteristics. He has also served as a design or performance-based-design-review consultant on numerous tall building projects in Turkey and is engaged in seismic code committees on design of reinforced concrete structures and tall buildings..

Managing Partner, RMJM

Sotiris was born in Athens in 1974, he studied architecture for 5 years in Glasgow and started working in architecture in 1992 as a student and continued as a young professional in Vienna for 5 years and then Athens, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai collaborating with international practices and working on residential, retail and hospitality projects. In 2004 he designed and executed the Ancient Olympia Venue of Athens Olympics.

Since 2003 he has been leading architects in designing and completing projects of all sizes. In 2012 he established the permanent office of RMJM in Istanbul which has designed already more than 3,000,000 sq. in total of mainly mixed use developments. RMJM ISTANBUL now stands as a center of excellence for complex and high efficiency projects that protect the
built environment, the city, the user and the client.

RMJM ISTANBUL’s work has been nominated for international awards and always competes in the highest level of world architecture providing not only profitable but also sustainable and democratic architecture to the society..

President, Miyamoto International Turkey

Yusuf has supervised many projects including Seismic Risk Mitigation and Rehabilitation for public buildings in Istanbul, Turkey involving 2,000 schools, hospitals, emergency-response centers and historical monuments funded by the World Bank. He had provided consultant services to local governments and worked with local engineering companies to provide the latest earthquake-engineering methodologies to achieve cost-effective solutions.

His overseas experience includes work as a resident engineer in East and West Asia and Russia. During his seven years of experience in Japan, he worked on the design of various famous structural projects related to earthquake risk. Yusuf also has extensive experience in high-performance earthquake engineering and the design of energy dissipated critical structures including high-rise buildings, base isolated hospitals, data centers, coastal and marine structures and retrofitting with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

He received his Master of Science in Structural Engineering from Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey after taking his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Yıldız Technical University. Yusuf speaks Japanese, French and English fluently in addition to mother language Turkish.

Yusuf is a member of Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCA), Japan Society of Seismic Isolation (JSSI), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and International Association for Bridges & Structures (IABSE), Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI), Precast / Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI), Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) and the Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) and American Business Forum in Turkey (ABFT).

Executive Partner, Tekeli-Sisa Architects

Mehmet Emin Cakirkaya was born in Istanbul in 1968 and completed his secondary and higher education in Istanbul Private American Robert College. Later on he was graduated from ITU Faculty of Architecture, Architecture Department in 1991. He won Emin Onat Architecture Prize and YEM Outstanding Architecture Student Prize during his architecture education.

Cakirkaya completed his masters on the topic “Architecture of Tourism and Tourism Buildings” in 1993 at the same department. He worked as a research assistant in ITU Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Design Department between the years 1993 -1995. He started to work as a project manager in Dogan Tekeli – Sami Sisa Architecture Ltd. Company in 1995.

After the reconstitution of the firm as Tekeli-Sisa Architects in 2004 he joined partnership as one of the partners. One of the oldest and most established architectural design offices in Turkey, Tekeli-Sisa Architects has extensive experience in tall buildings and airport terminals. Major projects include Halkbank Headquarters Building in Ankara, Isbank Towers and Sabiha Gökçen airport Terminal in Istanbul..

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